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Finland’s pure nature is full of healthy and delicious flavors. In countless forests, lingonberries and bilberries wait for their pickers. Elsewhere, the golden fields of high-fiber oats wave in the wind. 

Bär got started from our wish to make tasty products from these superfoods, using only high-quality organic ingredients. In addition to lingonberries and bilberries, we’ve chosen some of our other favorite berries, and only make products we enjoy ourselves. 

Bär products are made in Finland, from flavors and ingredients we all know and love!

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We didn’t want to ruin the wonderful flavor of the berries or add preservatives to our products, so we decided to utilize the high pressure processing method (HPP), which also preserves the berries‘ nutrients most effectively. You can read more about the process further down this page.

First we decided to make berry and oat smoothies, and now they have a companion in fresh ginger and berry shots. Our test kitchen is already testing new products to the Bär family. 

Bär products contain nothing extra, only genuine berry flavors and good ingredients. Try and take a trip to nature!

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We Use only the best ingredients

We have chosen only the best ingredients for our products. Some we get from Finland, such as lingonberries and bilberries, while others come to us from nearby European Union countries. We never use tropical fruits or rare vegetables, only familiar flavors from nature. Learn more about our ingredients, or send us questions at organicbar@toripiha.fi!

We preserve the best of the ingredients

We preserve the berries‘ flavor, antioxidants and vitamins by utilizing high pressure processing (HPP). That’s why we don’t need to include preservatives in our products.

High pressure processing replaces traditional pasteurization in our products. Products are put under high water pressure (6000 bar) for a few minutes. This pressure breaks down the cells of  contaminating microbes, after which they no longer affect the product. The process also improves foodstuff security, as it destroys microbes such as listeria and salmonella.

The benefit of the process compared to traditional pasteurization is the preservation of flavor and structure of unprocessed products. This is how we retain the genuine taste of berries and you can enjoy our products without worries!